Personnel management

Improve the research, training and evaluation of the human resources who work for you

Being the leader of a company means first of all taking care of the resources that work within it.

Personnel management is one of the most important strategic levers in company planning.

The increasing competitiveness and the need to cope with a more and more diversified and ever-changing demand has driven companies to modify their strategies focusing on the human factor, that becomes therefore crucial for redefining the business processes.

Personnel management is playing a more and more strategic role, including a range of activities aimed at efficiently hiring and employing the staff a company needs in order to achieve its goals.

Its main activities are:

  • Staff selection and recruitment: direct search for new resources on the labour market;
  • Training: the process by which the professional competence of workers is updated or improved;
  • Personnel evaluation: the evaluation of the resources, that is divided into the following:
  • Job analysis, the study of a working position, independently of the person who covers it;
  • Job description, the description of the tasks implied by the job;
  • Job evaluation: a procedure for comparing the various positions, in order to determine  their own specific value.

Besides aiming at maximizing economic benefits and minimizing costs, the service also advises on staff management procedures, so as to comply with employment legislation while encouraging production and a good company climate.

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