Personnel administrator

Improve the management of your employees from communications to tax reporting

Personnel administration is nothing more than the management of the employees who work for your company.

Personnel Administration is responsible for managing the entire cycle of salaries. Our Firm provides the customer with a website for staff outsourcing management. The basic idea is to leave the company a number of practical activities, such as time and attendance record, prints of any kinds, and so on, while our Firm provides for the qualitative and most important side of the payroll process (accounting, as well as tax, social security and welfare assessments and regulations in general), providing the customer with all the finished outputs (salaries, F24, accounts, mandatory and annual accounting reports) within the agreed deadline.

Our goal is to provide a simple, efficient and yet high-quality process. Personnel administration activities also include ordinary assistance to the personnel department in the fulfilment of any administrative obligation, from the opening of corporate positions to the hiring of new personnel, termination of employment, management of adjustment notes, request for account statements, and the like.

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