Compliance with legal and administrative obligations

It develops the verification of contracts and the analysis of disputes

Due diligence activities are real investigations aimed at collecting and verifying all the information necessary to evaluate the activities of a company.

In Due Diligence activities, aimed at verifying the value of a company, a key role is played by Human Resources, that is the asset that will have to realize the development plans assumed.

For a proper evaluation, it is necessary to check collective and individual agreements, any possible dispute (existing or future), and, in general, any situation not yet formalized that might lead to unforeseen items in the budget.

The macro areas of intervention are:

  • Control of Individual Agreements and company collective agreement
  • Analysis of pending Litigations and ongoing disciplinary procedures
  • Verification of situations having possible repercussions in the future
  • Verification of stability pacts and non-compete agreements

This consulting aims at assisting the company (and, more directly, the personnel managers) in complying with the legal and administrative requirements, so as to ensure that they have adopted the best solutions and most appropriate strategies for the demands of the company.

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